Hip Hop Music Today

I am a DJ from Staten Island, NY however locate myself performing in all of the NY boroughs as well rap music mixtapes as New Jersey. When I first started in the DJ enterprise, the track popping out inside the hip hop genre become solid hits that many disc jockeys nonetheless play these days. I am noticing increasingly that the song coming out now handiest remains in the traditional disc jockey’s set for about 6 months to a year after which it is forgotten approximately. What has changed?

My opinion on what modified is just the benefit of having a report produced now. I am via a long way not announcing it is easy to be heard on the radio but a number of the songs I pay attention motive me to shake my head and ask why it is on the radio. A good instance I experience is the “Stanky Leg” and the “Booty Dew” through the GS Boyz. When I first heard those songs I could not agree with they made mainstream. To a fair bigger wonder, I had humans asking for it. I cringed on every occasion the track become heard from my tables however I need to give the group what they want to listen. Unfortunately a few songs make it directly to the radio and this is sufficient for humans to request it. Both songs now are quite much forgotten and I even have no longer had every person ask for it in pretty awhile.

The extra I her this track and others that each one sound the identical, the greater scared I get of hip hop’s destiny. Jay Z’s tune “DOA” is one of the maximum amazing songs I have ever heard. He is one of the remaining true artists available. I wish file labels begin to assume before they submit greater of this rubbish and fill our young society with the mind that that is goo